Webinar – Key FBT developments for Governments and NFPs to be aware of in 2019

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Key FBT developments for Governments and NFPs to be aware of in 2019

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Why should you attend?

Due to popular demand, we’re holding a practical and interactive online session, which will provide coverage of the key FBT developments and issues relevant to the 2019 FBT return.

We will use examples based on the best of FBT issues raised in the TaxEd Q&A service, which produce a treasure trove of real life Government and NFP FBT scenarios.

Issues to be explored include:

What’s new in 2019?

  • The ATO’s updated guidelines on work-related travel expenses – what are the implications for FBT?
    • Business trips/logbooks
    • Otherwise deductible travel
    • LAFHAs or business travel
    • Entertainment and travel
  • New salary packaging developments
  • Developments in the remote area packaging space
  • ATO audit and compliance activities
  • FBT rate changes in 2019

Plus coverage of all the perennial FBT issues:

  • Motor vehicles
    • Workhorse vehicle issues – work travel?
    • Pooled cars
    • When is home to work travel “business travel”?
  • Private use issues
    • Minor, infrequent and irregular private use – what is it?
    • PCG 2018/3 – ATO guidelines
  • Entertainment
    • Tax-exempt body entertainment fringe benefits
    • Employer-owned/operated leisure facility access – is it entertainment?
    • Entertainment provided by third parties
  • Otherwise deductible issues
    • Course fees, HECS and HELP related benefit issues
    • Domestics and overseas conference travel expenses

Who should attend?

  • Staff responsible for 2019 FBT return preparation

What can you expect from this session?

  • Detailed coverage of key issues relevant to the preparation of the 2019 FBT return
  • Comprehensive training materials

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Prices are inc. GST

Members: $244.00

Non-Members: $286.00

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

10:00am to 12:00pm (AEST)

View local times

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CPD/CPE hours: 2

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  • All delegates, including if you were not able to attend, will be sent a link to the recording within 1-2 business days of the webinar ending.
  • Only registered delegates will qualify for CPD/CPE hours.

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Your Presenter



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Rob Power

TaxEd Director & Technical Panel