TaxEd FBT Roadshow 2023

TaxEd 2024 FBT Roadshow

FBT: Times are a changing


19 March 2024


21 March 2024


26 March 2024


9 April 2024

What will the session cover?

Electric vehicles, the ‘modern workplace’ and working from home, make sure your organisation is fully across its ever changing FBT obligations by joining us for our 2024 FBT Roadshow. In our interactive full-day session, we will cover key FBT developments, and all issues relevant to Government and NFP employers when correctly preparing the 2024 FBT return.

Our dynamic and engaging Tax Experts will guide you through real life examples, based on a selection of the best of the FBT issues from our “treasure trove” that is the TaxEd Q&A service. This allows you to gain an insight into the best solutions for your FBT problems.

Session Agenda

What’s changed or changing in the FBT world.

  • Rates and thresholds
  • Recent cases & rulings
  • ATO focus – ‘tradie’ type vehicles in the firing line!
  • The modern work force and related FBT issues
    • Treatment of working from home ‘related benefits’
    • Travelling on work or to work?

Who is an employee?

Types of employers and related issues:

  • Taxable, Exempt or Rebateable?

Understanding the ‘otherwise deductible rule’ and how it applies to commonly provided benefits

Dealing with employee contributions and recipient payments

Type 1 v Type 2 benefits – why does it matter?

Understanding the scope of the minor benefits exemption

Salary package

We will explore all the perennial FBT issues:

  • What rules to apply based on the type of vehicle
  • Business v private travel
  • On-call employees
  • Vehicles eligible for ‘workhorse’ exemption
  • Novated leases and more
  • Log books and other record keeping issues.

Is the ‘dangled carrot’ leading to an uptake?

A refresher on the rules, including:

  • Eligible electric vehicle types
  • Usage requirements
  • Transitional rules including when does exemption end
  • Associated car expenses
    • Road user charges
    • Home charging costs
  • Reporting requirements

What is it and when is it subject to FBT?
When can the minor benefit exemption apply?
What are the valuation options?
Using a variety of common examples, we will explore the FBT rules for entertainment type scenarios to make sure you are getting it right including the GST credit entitlements for entertainment expenditure.

The Bechtel case – employee FIFO travel not otherwise deductible! Travel v living away from home.
Travelling to work or on work?

The working from home revolution continues. Make sure you are identifying and correctly dealing with common benefits:

  • Portable electronic devices
  • Furniture and other equipment
  • Internet and telecommunications costs

A summary of common exemptions and concessions for remote area-based employees and relocation scenarios.

Employee access to employer operated recreational and childcare facilities – getting FBT right?

Education related expenses – how to treat?

We will discuss:

  • Compulsory v non-compulsory uniforms.
  • Protective clothing/equipment.

What is and isn’t exempt?

Getting disclosures right including dealing with the ‘pooled car’ exclusion.

Worked examples dealing with common errors including correct FBT reporting based on ‘employer type’ and how to correctly complete the FBT return where employee contributions are made.

Where are we at regarding using alternative records as substantiation?

Everything else you need to know

Why should you attend?

All materials will be provided electronically prior to the session.
Hard copy of the powerpoint presentation will be provided at each in-person session.

Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for all levels of FBT experience, but a basic understanding of FBT is beneficial.