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TaxEd provides taxation support and education services to a range of Government bodies and not-for-profit (NFP) organisations. Our members include Government departments, local councils, hospitals, charities, sporting clubs, education providers and more. 

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Our primary offering to members is our Q&A service; where you can submit your tax questions directly to our expert panel.  Your answer will be provided via email, plus will be available to your organisation in your member portal. 

Are my questions kept private?

Yes. Your Q&As are kept private to your organisation.
If a Q&A is of particular interest, we may discuss the implications in an article with all identifying details removed. 

What types of questions can I ask?

You can ask any tax question you may have in relation to: FBT, GST, Payroll, Salary Packaging and Eligibility.

Can I get tax advice?

Answers to questions submitted through our Q&A service do not constitute advice – however TaxEd is a registered tax agent and can provide tailored tax advice if you contact us on 1300 607 478 or admin@taxed.com.au.

Tax Practitioners Board Registered Tax Agent 25635278

See below some real-life examples of questions asked by our members.


This covers:

  • Government and NFP sector GST developments
  • ATO rulings and announcements
  • Court case decisions
  • Law changes
  • Compliance issues

Real-life example of an FBT member Q&A:

Provision of Uniforms to Council Volunteers

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This covers:

  • Government and NFP sector GST developments
  • ATO rulings and announcements
  • Court case decisions
  • Law changes
  • Compliance issues

Real-life example of a GST member Q&A:

Are fines issued to members subject to GST?

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This covers:

  • Government and NFP sector payroll developments and best practice
  • Government/ATO rulings and announcements
  • Compliance issues

Real-life example of a Payroll member Q&A:

Employer obligations for questions regarding reportable fringe benefits

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Salary Packaging

This covers:

  • Government and NFP sector salary packaging developments and best practice issues
  • Government/ATO rulings and announcements
  • Compliance issues

Real-life example of a Salary Packaging member Q&A:

Can child support payments be salary packaged?

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This covers:

  • ACNC registration as a charity
  • ACNC sub-type registration, for example as a Public Benevolent Institution
  • ATO income tax exemption (ITEC and under the self-assessment heads of exemption)
  • Deductible Gift Recipient status eligibility
  • Fringe Benefits Tax exemption and/or rebate eligibility
  • GST concession eligibility
  • Payroll Tax exemption eligibility

Real-life example of an Eligibility member Q&A:

NFP Membership fees converted to donations and tax considerations

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Keep up-to-date with tax training

TaxEd provides tax training to both members and non-members alike.  See our training pages to read more about:

What’s included in a TaxEd Membership?

As a member you’re able to ask questions about relating to the five above areas of expertise. Answers are provided via email, plus will be available for all of your team to view on your ‘My Q&As’ page.

The Monthly Tax Update is an e-newsletter dealing with current Government and NFP tax related issues, including commentary on Government, ATO and ACNC announcements and related cases.

All members will be able to attend the bi-monthly webinar. A TaxEd Expert hosts a one-hour Live Webinar discussing tax issues and recent developments. A recording of the webinar is provided to all attendees shortly after its conclusion.

A detailed summary of the Federal Budget and the specific initiatives relating to the Government & NFP sector. The summary will be delivered to members by email the morning after the Federal Budget.

Up to 10 staff members can be listed for membership access. This can be updated anytime throughout your membership.

Members receive up to 20% off all online and face to face TaxEd training events.

Reduce your exposure to tax risk

Access to technical tax specialists

Reduce compliance costs

Latest tax updates

Save time sourcing information

Discounted sector-specific training

Improve your staff’s knowledge

Meet your staff’s development needs

"I find TaxEd extremely beneficial as an education/training tool that my staff and I use regularly. The regular tax updates keep you informed on relevant tax implications for the organisation and the Q&A tool allows more specific issues to be addressed without the expense and effort of getting consultative advice. I would highly recommend a TaxEd subscription for all people that are involved with aspects of GST and/or FBT legislation."

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