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2018-19 TaxEd Membership Details

A Taxed membership runs for 12 months from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019.


You can select any or all of the below modules to include as part of your membership.

This module covers:

  • Government and NFP sector FBT developments
  • ATO rulings and announcements
  • Court case decisions
  • Law changes
  • Compliance issues
This module covers:

  • Government and NFP sector GST developments
  • ATO rulings and announcements
  • Court case decisions
  • Law changes
  • Compliance issues
This module covers:

  • Government and NFP sector payroll developments and best practice
  • Government/ATO rulings and announcements
  • Compliance issues
Salary Packaging
This module covers:

  • Government and NFP sector salary packaging developments and best practice issues
  • Government/ATO rulings and announcements
  • Compliance issues

This module addresses ‘eligibility’ criteria for a Government or NFP entity to secure:

  • ACNC registration as a charity
  • ACNC sub-type registration, for example as a Public Benevolent Institution
  • ATO income tax exemption (ITEC and under the self-assessment heads of exemption)
  • Deductible Gift Recipient status eligibility
  • Fringe Benefits Tax exemption and/or rebate eligibility
  • GST concession eligibility
  • Payroll Tax exemption eligibility

It will cover:

  • Government proposals and legislative changes to eligibility criteria, for example;
    • any re-introduction of measures such as the ‘Unrelated Commercial Activities’ aimed at limiting income tax exemption; and
    • legislative narrowing of payroll tax exemptions
  • Court decisions that expand or limit eligibility criteria, for example;
    • the Word Investments case and the Hunger Project case; and
  • ATO or Revenue Office rulings impacting eligibility


Package Price:

Modules Only


Modules + Live Webinars

5 Modules $1,900 $1,995
4 Modules $1,870 $1,945
3 Modules $1,850 $1,895
2 Modules $1,650 $1,795
1 Module $1,110 $1,395
(All pricing includes GST)


Included in your TaxEd membership

Monthly Tax Update*
The Monthly Tax Update e-newsletter deals with current Government and NFP tax related issues, including commentary on Government, ATO and ACNC announcements and relevant cases, etc. It also includes a selection of the best Q&As asked by TaxEd members.

The update is emailed directly to nominated staff members and archived in your Member Portal for future reference.

*Excludes January.

Tax Q&A
As a member you are able to ask questions related to the modules you have chosen. You simply lodge your questions via the Member Portal. A written response to your question will be sent to you via email. This will also be archived to your Member Portal, building a specific knowledge base for your organisation. Most questions are answered within 24 hours (but may take up to 72 hours depending on complexity and workload). Where relevant, legislation, cases, rulings, ATO IDs and Practice Statements are referenced. Please note – responses do not constitute advice.

Federal Budget Summary
A detailed summary of the Federal Budget and the specific initiatives relating to the Government and NFP sector. The summary will be delivered to members inboxes the morning after the Federal Budget.

Access for up to 10 staff
Up to 10 staff members can be listed for membership access. This can be updated anytime throughout your membership. If you happen to have more than 10 staff, please give us a call.

Up to 20% off training
Members receive up to 20% off all online and face to face TaxEd training events.

Live Bi-monthly Webinar (optional)
Members can choose to add this optional feature to their membership. A TaxEd Expert will host a one-hour Live Webinar discussing tax issues and recent developments, including a feature topic which will take on a specific tax issue to be discussed in detail.

Organisations can add the Live Webinar to their membership at a special members’ rate allowing access to all nominated staff members. Alternatively, organisations can choose to subscribe to the Live Webinars as a standalone product.

Any other queries?

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