About TaxEd

In operation since 2003, TaxEd has become recognised as the primary provider of taxation support and training services to the Government and Not-for-profit (NFP) sector across Australia.

TaxEd has constantly developed its service offering to make sure it offers member firms a service meeting their organisational (tax compliance) and personnel needs (professional development and efficient discharge of tax related employment functions).

Some chronological highlights include:

2003: TaxEd – A couple of guys had a big idea to help Government and NFPs stay on top of the tax issues faced in that sector. Anthony Morris, a founding director, remembers it this way: “There was a clear lack of training and support for all levels of government and NFPs who were trying to navigate their way through the GST. Complications around funding and property were creating nightmares for finance staff trying to make sense of a new tax. Add to this the confusion around FBT, and TaxEd had a LOT of ground to cover, literally and figuratively.”

In May 2003 we kicked off our very first training day in Warragul, Victoria. By 2004 we were running close to 100 training events from Broome, to Coffs Harbour, Darwin to Launceston and Longreach to Mt Gambier.

2004: We launched the membership support program. Many current members joined back in 2004 and TaxEd has maintained an astonishing renewal rate in the 90% to 100% range every year since.

2005: TaxEd founder, Anthony Morris, created Live Online training and ran the first live online training event of its kind. Out of this innovation, Anthony and soon-to-be TaxEd partner, Errol la Grange, formed CPD Live to take this technology to the wider world. This training changed the face of professional training in Australia.

2006: TaxEd introduced 2 new services with Payroll and Salary Packaging.

2012: In partnership with CPDlive, TaxEd provided the first online, collaborative Professional Certificate course using new technology, Cahoot.

2014: TaxEd’s FBT Certificate course received the highest ever ratings from the 1000’s of courses run via CPDlive with a completion rate of 100%, a Pass rate of 100%. It might be difficult to top that!

2015: Founding TaxEd director Anthony Morris and Errol la Grange decided to call it a day. Anthony seeks out like minded tax specialists to carry the TaxEd torch. Tax specialists Neil Jones, Michael Doran, Simon Calabria, Rob Power, Andrew Orange and Graeme Prowse took up the challenge. New people and new ideas, but the same commitment to providing a central knowledge hub for Government and NFP sector. The new directors brought not only their combined experience, but the resources of their affiliated businesses TaxBanter and Webb Martin Consulting.

A fifth module was introduced, Eligibility, giving members access to information on the core question of what is the criteria that dictates who gets access to tax exemptions and concessions.

Federal Budget summary for Government’s and NFPs launched and immediately became the most downloaded TaxEd document to date.