ATO announces novated lease data matching project

ATO announces data matching program on novated leases – employer implications? The ATO has advised it will be undertaking a data matching program with information sourced from novated lease providers in respect of the years 2018-19 to 2022-23. The ATO will source data from the following novated lease providers: Eclipx Group; LeasePlan; LeasePLUS; McMillan Shakespeare … Read more

Another look at the FBT treatment of equipment used in various work from home scenarios

We continue to get many questions seeking clarification regarding the FBT rules regarding how to treatment equipment ‘provided’ for use by employees in work from home scenarios. Whilst it is not our usual practice, we reproduce an article published recently which covers off the more common questions we get asked. Despite there being some possible … Read more

Removing the $450 per month threshold below which superannuation guarantee is not required to be provided by the employer

As part of the 2021–22 Federal Budget, the Government announced that it will remove the current $450 per month minimum income threshold, below which employees do not have to be paid the superannuation guarantee by their employer. This is to take effect as of the first income year after Royal Assent of the enabling legislation … Read more

GST and development leases

The ATO issued GSTR 2015/2: development lease arrangements with government agencies in June 2015. However, recently (in April 2021), the ATO updated this ruling via an addendum. This link takes you to the consolidated ruling which incorporates these updates. At the same time, the ATO also issued GSTD 2021/1: development works in the ACT Given … Read more

New FBT ’employee reskilling’ exemption: Exposure draft legislation released

As part of the 2020–21 Federal Budget, the Government announced that it would introduce an FBT exemption for retraining and reskilling benefits that employers provide to redundant, or soon to be redundant, employees where the benefits may not be related to their current employment. Currently, unless the benefit satisfies the ‘minor benefits’ exemption, FBT is … Read more

ATO releases guidance on the income tax and FBT treatment of cost of travelling, accommodation, food and drink

The ATO has recently released a set of guidance documents (i.e., TR 2021/D1, PCG 2021/D1 and TR 2021/1) which outline the income tax and FBT treatment of the cost of travelling on work, as well as the distinction between travelling on work and living at a location. TR 2021/D1 explains the ATO’s preliminary views on … Read more