Employer-provided parking located near shopping centre car parks: Preparing for the new FBT car parking rules

We have previously covered recent changes to the ATO position regarding FBT and car parking fringe benefits – refer our July 2021 TaxEd article, “ATO finalises car parking fringe benefit ruling – what’s changed“? The inclusion of shopping centre car parks within the concept of what is a commercial car parking station will bring many … Read more

Virgin Airlines & car parking: The odyssey continues

“Just when I thought I was out……they pull me back in!” – Godfather III. In our July 2021 Tax Update we advised that the ATO had appealed the Federal Court Decision in Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd v FCT [2021] FCA 523. Virgin contracted with owners of car parks adjacent to the Sydney, Brisbane and Perth … Read more

FBT, tax exempt bodies and the Christmas Party

As the Christmas period approaches, many employers will provide a Christmas function to their staff members. This gives rise to the question, how does FBT apply to the function and any gifts provided to employees? In this article, we look at the general application of the FBT provisions to a tax-exempt body who provides to … Read more

Member Q&A – Dinner provided to staff before late meeting

Question We recently held a senior management meeting which included a dinner and was held after normal working hours. The dinner commenced at 6pm so there was insufficient time for employees to go home for dinner before the meeting commencement time of 7:30pm. As such, a meal was provided to them before the meeting. The … Read more

GST, FBT and vouchers: How does it work?

Overview We regularly receive questions related to the GST and FBT issues associated with am employer purchasing and giving vouchers to employees. There are many reasons why vouchers/gift cards may be provided to staff but some of the more common include: As a gift – for example, a birthday or Christmas gift As a reward … Read more

Member Q&A – Purchase of tablet keyboards for employees

Question Due to the extended lockdowns that have occurred most of our employees have been home based for work purposes. Many of these employees, in addition to their own personal home desktop computers, have been provided with tablets (eg iPads) to assist with their work duties. Some of these employees have requested we also provide … Read more