Angel Loop: A charitable purpose must be for the public benefit

Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (‘ACNC’) registered charities are eligible for a number of tax concessions at both Federal, State and local government level. These concessions include income tax exemption, a FBT rebate, payroll tax and land tax exemptions etc. However, in order to qualify for, and maintain, ACNC charity registration, the applicant must be … Read more

Director Identification Numbers: Are your directors required to apply?

From November 2021, directors and alternate directors of certain organisations will need to apply for a director identification number (DIN). The DIN is part of a package of reforms introduced to address illegal phoenix activity. The DIN will require all directors to confirm their identity and will be a unique identifier for each person  who … Read more

The Global Citizen Ltd ACNC PBI case – an update

Overview In our October 2021 TaxEd article we looked at a recent ACNC case regarding the meaning of ‘public benevolent institution’ (‘PBI’) and whether ‘Global Citizen Ltd’ was a PBI. We opened that article with the caution “We will monitor whether the decision gets appealed but in the meantime let’s take a look at the … Read more

Another case, another ‘broader’ view of what is a Public Benevolent Institution?

In a recent AAT case the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (‘ACNC’) was unsuccessful in arguing that ‘Global Citizen Ltd’ was not eligible to be registered under the charity sub-type ‘public benevolent institution’ (‘PBI’). Global Citizen Ltd is a very active and interesting organisation and part of the international Global Citizen network. You can getter … Read more

ACNC charity registration for all Non-Government DGRs required by 14 December 2022

Most Deductible Gift Recipient (‘DGR’) organisations are already registered with the ACNC as a charity, given, generally ACNC registration is a pre-condition of DGR status. In fact 41 of the 52 general DGR categories already require ACNC charity registration. However by 14 December 2022, the remaining 11 categories are also required to be registered. The … Read more

NFPs: Get ready for annual reporting of self-assessment of income tax exemption eligibility

In the June 2021 Tax Update (click here) we covered an announcement in the 2021-22 Federal Budget that will have widespread application across the not-for-profit sector. The issue is summarised below. 2021–22 Federal Budget announcement As part of the 2021–22 Federal Budget, the Government has announced that it will enhance the transparency of income tax … Read more

Member Q&A: Can a local historical society secure Deductible Gift Recipient status?

Question We are a not-for-profit local historical society and the challenge of sourcing funding is never ending. Is it possible for us to secure Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status and, if so, how can that be done and what issues arise? Answer It may indeed be possible for your organisation to secure Deductible Gift Recipient … Read more

Pooled cars and the Reportable Fringe Benefits exclusion

Pooled cars and the Reportable Fringe Benefits exclusion – when does it apply? One of more frequent Reportable Fringe Benefit questions we receive around June and July each year is whether the taxable value of car fringe benefits is excluded from reporting under the ‘ pooled or shared car’ exclusion. In this article we explore … Read more