Fuel Tax Credits: ATO amends public rulings

The ATO has recently made some amendments to Fuel Tax Credits public rulings, including reducing the FTC entitlements for buses and coaches. Note: TaxEd is hosting a webinar on 28 November 2019 providing an update and refresher on matters relating to FTCs. You can view more information for it here. In response to the decision … Read more

Commercial – The legal demise of physical cash …?

Physical cash is dead (almost), crypto currency’s life is in jeopardy, long-live (traceable) digital cash! The Black Economy task force has spoken and Parliament is expected to take heed in new legislation.   Parliament is presently considering a bill (Currency (Restrictions on Use of Cash) Bill 2019) that will make it illegal to pay physical … Read more

GST Q&A – GST on costs associated with land acquisitions

Question Under the Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986 (Vic), authorities acquiring land from land owners for a capital works property are required to pay for any legal, valuation and other professional expenses necessarily incurred by the claimant by reason of the acquisition. However, the authorities are not required to pay for the GST component. … Read more

FBT – Road and bridge tolls – for whom does the FBT bell toll, employer or employee?

Where an employer pays/reimburses an employee’s road toll expenditure or allows the employee to use the employer’s electronic road toll tag, a fringe benefit may arise, depending on the particular usage of the vehicle. Payment/reimbursement of an employee’s road toll expenses is prima facie an expense payment fringe benefit. Use by an employee of an … Read more

GST Q&A – GST and land transfers

Question Where there is a transfer of land between a council (or other local government entity) and a state government department for no consideration, or a peppercorn rate of $1.00, is there GST on the transaction? If so, is GST applied on the basis of the agreed amount or on the market value of the … Read more

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Payroll – Some developments in the labour hire/employment agency space that may impact TaxEd members

The increasing use of labour supplied through labour hire firms or employment agencies under a labour hire/employment agency contract has led to a considerable number of challenges for the Government and regulatory authorities including the Australian Taxation Office and State Revenue Offices. Just to be clear, a labour hire/employment agency contract involves a contract between … Read more

FBT Q&A – Work related preventative health care: In-house massage

Is provision of an in-house therapeutic massage for all employees an exempt fringe benefit? Question We are considering providing in-house therapeutic massage for all employees. Is this an exempt fringe benefit pursuant to the ‘work related preventative health care’ exemption? The preventative health care component will consist of: massage to reduce tightness in muscles and … Read more

GST Article – South Australian Council fees and charges

The recent release of Class Ruling 2019/61 provides confirmation of how South Australian Councils should be treating their fees and charges for GST purposes. This Class Ruling also provides guidance for other councils regarding the GST treatment of their own fees. Between 2013 and 2015, the Commissioner of Taxation issued a number of Class Rulings … Read more

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Eligibility – Charities operating overseas: What you need to know (Part 1)

According to the Australian Charities Report 2017 (most recent available) around 10% of Australian charities (inclusive of religious organisations) operate overseas in various ways. Some might send goods or services (whether directly or in partnership with overseas based charities) to support overseas projects or programs, some might directly undertake works on the ground in the … Read more

FBT Q&A – ‘Workhorse’ vehicles and private use thresholds

Question An employee has use of a utility designed to carry a load less than 1 tonne. The only private use of the utility is to and from home. No minor, infrequent or ad-hoc private use. The employee’s home is 160km from the office. Is there a distance threshold for home to work travel that … Read more

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