FBT – Employee transport costs – new ATO draft ruling!

The ATO has split the 2017 draft ruling on travel and accommodation expenses. It has issued a new draft ruling on travel costs and foreshadowed a separate ruling on accommodation. In our August 2017 Newsletter and as part of TaxEd’s 2018 FBT Roadshow, we presented and outlined the ATO draft tax ruling TR 2017/D6: Income … Read more

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FBT Q&A – Staff attendance at sponsorship dinners

Does FBT apply to a meal consumed and travel undertaken by staff who attend an event sponsored by their employer? Question We are a government department and often provide sponsorship to third party organisations. In return, we may receive spots for annual award dinners etc. which we then send our staff to. We assume FBT … Read more

Payroll – Is an allowance paid to an employee aged over 70 ordinary times earnings and subject to SG?

Employers need to consider the superannuation guarantee implications of equalisation payments made in lieu of increased super contributions. An interesting matter crossed our desk recently. Whilst the matter was received by way of a question submitted to the TaxEd member Q&A portal, we will deal with the issue by way of a short article. Consider … Read more

FBT Q&A – Exempt vehicles and PCG 2018/3

Are the PCG 2018/3 guidelines compulsory? If not, what records need to be kept? Question A dual/crew cab 4×4 has been made available to an employee for private use. The vehicle meets the definition of qualifying for the work-related use exemption as per MT 2024, paragraph 8b. To comply with the private use restrictions being … Read more

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Eligibility – Charities operating overseas: What you need to know (Part 2)

In a previous article, we looked at ‘External Conduct Standards’ which apply to charities that engage in activities outside Australia. However, charities and many other categories of TaxEd subscribers need to be mindful that Australian taxation concessions are predicated on the relevant entity continuing to have an appropriate nexus with Australia. Charities that are registered … Read more

Payroll Q&A – TPAR reporting and council member payments

Question As a local government entity, does council need to report payments (e.g. sitting fees and allowances) to council members in the taxable payments annual report (‘TPAR’)? Answer Government entities, whether federal, state, territory or local, are required to report the total payments they make to an entity for providing services (whether wholly or partly) … Read more