Payroll Article – Changes to 2017/18 Payment Summary reporting requirements for Reportable Fringe Benefits

Changes to rules regarding eligibility measures for various Federal Government benefits/payments and income tests (effective 1 January and 1 July 2017) impact Reportable Fringe Benefit disclosure for all employers on 2017/18 Payment Summaries. 2017/18 Payment Summaries require an employer to respond to the following question: Is the employer exempt from FBT under section 57A of … Read more

Payroll Article – Payroll tax changes following the 2018-19 State and Territory budgets

With the release of the 2018-19 budgets for all Australian States and Territories, excluding South Australia, there have been several proposed and approved changes to payroll tax rates, thresholds, rebates and schemes. The Australian Capital Territory has not announced any recent changes to payroll tax. New South Wales: Payroll tax threshold increases over the next … Read more