GST ‘ The Uber Decision and its implications

The Federal Court has held that provision of transport by an uberX Partner (i.e. an Uber driver) to an uberX Rider (i.e. the passenger) was the supply of taxi travel for purposes of the GST Act – Uber BV v FCT [2017] FCA 110. Griffiths J summarised the case in the opening paragraph of his … Read more

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Eligibility ‘ Recent Developments at a Glance: February 2017

(1) Service Concession Arrangements: Grantors – draft AASB Standard The Australian Accounting Standards Board has issued a draft AASB standard Service Concession Arrangements: Grantors (Fatal-Flaw Review Version) (the Draft). The AASB seeks comments by 14 March 2017. The objective of the draft Standard is to prescribe the accounting for a service concession arrangement by a … Read more

FBT Q&A ‘ Log book ‘purpose of journey’ description

Question: We utilise the operating cost method to determine our car fringe benefits liability. We are experiencing difficulties with obtaining valid entries for the ‘purpose of the journey’ requirement for the log book entries. We are considering the use of a detailed legend whereby employees could write a number in the purpose of the journey … Read more

FBT Q&A ‘ Whether the work of Councillors with home office and hot desk in Council Chambers is itinerant

Question: The following question is asked in the general context of whether car logbooks should treat trips from a councillor’s home to Council as being business in nature. Is Councillor’s work itinerant in the following circumstances: Councillors currently work from a home office and are provided with hot desks to work at the Council Chambers, … Read more

FBT Q&A ‘ Council access to minor benefit exemption (s. 58P)

Question: In relation to s. 58P exemption (minor benefit), can you please clarify when a Council can utilise this? Currently, the minor benefits exemption for tax exempt body entertainment benefits is utilised. However, the minor benefits exemption is only used on a limited basis for other benefits. Answer: Section 58P of the FBTAA exempts certain … Read more

FBT Q&A ‘ Application of s. 58X (provision of certain work related items) where supplemental warranty purchased

Question: For each of the following scenarios, can you please advise if FBT would be attracted: A Council pays for electronic portable devices and provides to employees for use at home. Can the exemption of 58X FBTAA be used and can this be extended to include warranties? If, for example, the electronic portable devices cost … Read more

FBT Q&A ‘ Whether an insurance excess is included in a car expense calculation under s. 10

Question: In relation to Car Fringe Benefits where the taxable value is calculated under Section 10 of the Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986 – Operating Cost Method, are insurance excesses payable by the insured to the insurer or smash repairer included in the car expenses calculation? Answer: In general terms, for FBT purposes the … Read more