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FBT Article – FBT rates and thresholds for 2018-19 FBT year

The Commissioner of Taxation has issued tax determinations setting various rates and thresholds for the 2018-19 FBT year. This article summarizes the material.

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FBT Q&A – Payment of mobile phone allowance to staff

What are the FBT implications of providing staff with a monthly allowance to acquire their own phone outright or on contract, for use in connection with their employment duties?

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FBT Article – Does a section 57A employer ever pay FBT on non-salary packaged meal entertainment it provides to employees?

Some employers within the ambit of s. 57A of the FBT Act may be paying FBT when not required to do so.

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FBT Article – Why is the term ‘Business Premises’ important in the FBT landscape?

The term ‘business premises’ is referred to within various provisions in the FBT Act and so an understanding of this term is highly desirable when determining your FBT obligations.

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FBT Article – CGT main residence exemption to be removed for foreign residents

Do you have staff currently based overseas on a long term assignment? If so, they need to be informed about important proposed capital gains tax (CGT) amendments that could effect their entitlement to the main residence exemption.

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FBT Q&A – Gifts to long serving employees

Could you please confirm whether a gift worth $800 provided to a long serving employee is exempt from fringe benefits tax.

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