When is a COVID-19 grant from a local government subject to GST?

Due to the economic impact of COVID-19 many local councils (along with the state and federal government) are providing grants to assist with the economic recovery. In particular local councils such as Melbourne City Council, City of Sydney and Brisbane City Council are providing grants to stimulate business and businesses in their locality. A question … Read more

FBT Q&A – Seasonal staff COVID-19 quarantining costs

Question We are recruiting seasonal workers for fruit picking employment from other states. These seasonal workers must / or may need to be in quarantine for a period on arrival and on their return home from their employment as a result of COVID-19. If we, as their employer reimburse them for all quarantine expenses, here … Read more

Government announcement regarding easing financial reporting burdens for charities

In August 2018, an independent review of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission legislation was handed down and included 30 recommendations relating to objects, functions and powers; regulatory framework; red tape reduction; and additional amendments (click here to see review findings). The Government’s response to these recommendations was released in March 2020, with the Government … Read more

COVID-19 and home garaging of cars

Overview The ATO has issued an interesting fact sheet ‘COVID-19 and car fringe benefits’ dealing with issues related to employees that have been home garaging employer provided cars due to COVID-19 and situations where the business percentage driving patterns may have changed. The ATO states in the fact sheet that an employer may not have … Read more

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ATO Data Matching Program – Motor Vehicles

The Australian Taxation Office (‘ATO’) are currently undertaking a data matching program with state and territory motor vehicle registry authorities for the years 2019-20 to 2021-22. The ATO will obtain details of the identities of the persons involved in the transaction (purchase/sale of vehicles) along with the transaction details including dates, sale price and market … Read more

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Car parking fringe benefits – ATO finalising restatement of the rules and possible expansion of the net

Last year the ATO released draft ruling TR 2019/D5 Fringe Benefits Tax: car parking benefits along with a draft replacement Chapter 16 (Car parking fringe benefits) in the ‘Fringe benefits tax- a guide for employers’ publication. These draft documents contained somewhat controversial changes to the ATO’s position (as expressed in TR 96/26 Fringe Benefits tax: … Read more

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FBT Q&A – Public Benevolent Institutions and meal entertainment costs

Question We are a Public Benevolent Institutions (‘PBI’) that is experiencing significant staff growth and this FBT year to date we have incurred several expenses relating to meal entertainment benefits such as Christmas parties, dinners with alcohol included and staff team building meetings. Is it correct we are exempt from paying FBT on these expenses, … Read more

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