FBT – Remote area housing concessions (Part 2 of 3)

In part one of this series published last month,  we focused on some fundamental remote area concepts. In this second article in our series covering the various remote area housing exemptions and concessions we will cover the following specific concessions contained in the Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986 (‘FBTAA’): Remote area housing loan Remote … Read more

Member Q&A – Reimbursement of ear pod headsets

Question Many of our staff are on the road or work outdoors and they often use their mobile phones as part of their duties. We supply them with mobile phones for this purpose. Some staff have asked if they can salary sacrifice the cost of Bluetooth ear pod type headsets for use with their phones … Read more

Member Q&A – Can child support payments be salary packaged?

Question Can an employee salary package child support payments? Answer The rules regarding salary packaging are set out in Taxation Ruling TR 2001/10 and are summarized on the ATO website (click here) Subject to the usual rules being satisfied regarding what constitutes an ‘effective salary sacrifice agreement’ an employee’s child support obligations can be included … Read more

JobKeeper 2.0 is finally here

JobKeeper 2.0 is finally here and looks slightly different to what was originally announced back in July 2020. This article highlights some of the key changes to the JobKeeper Payment scheme between JobKeeper 1.0 and JobKeeper 2.0. For the past couple of months, the extension to the JobKeeper Payment (‘JKP’) scheme (the extension is generally … Read more

Member Q&A – How is a Land Swap treated for GST purposes?

Question Hi TaxEd, Council has entered into a land exchange agreement with a state government department i.e. where we give them a piece of land and property we own as a direct trade for a piece of land and property that they own. Does this kind of transaction have GST implications, and if so how … Read more

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The Moffet case – A reminder about the possible need to pay superannuation for workers who are independent contractors

Australian employers are very much aware that they are required to provide a minimum level of superannuation support for their employees. The distinction between an employee or an independent contractor is not always clear cut and the risk for an employer of getting the status of their worker wrong can be very costly. Whether a … Read more

GST and treatment of expense reimbursements for Councillors

An issue that is regularly raised by TaxEd members is whether a Council can claim GST credits it reimburses a Councillor for travel costs paid by the Councillor for authorised travel arrangements? Background: A common scenario For example, Council arranged for several Councillors to attend a conference and they were attending as representatives of the … Read more

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Varying your Pay As You Go (PAYG) instalments

Although many not for profits are income tax exempt and therefore not required to pay PAYG instalments,  their associated entities (carrying on commercial operations) or not for profits that do not fit within an income tax exemption category may still be required to pay PAYG instalments. For those entities that are required to pay PAYG … Read more

FBT Q&A – Valid car parking 12 week register

Question We maintained a valid 12 weeks car parking register for the 2018 FBT year. In July 2020, the number of car parking spaces (or the number of employees allowed to park if this is less) increased by more than 10%. Are we required to prepare a new 12 week register in the 2021 FBT … Read more

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