Eligibility – A summary of the Land Tax COVID-19 measures

To assist in navigating through the complexity of COVID-19 tax measures, we have prepared a high-level tabular summary of land tax concessions. The recent and on-going COVID-19 crisis has seen the announcement of unprecedented stimulus packages by the Federal and State Governments. Whilst the majority of the current press around these measures has been around … Read more

FBT – Application of kilometre limits in PCG 2018/3 in determining whether non-home to work private travel is minor, infrequent and irregular

How do the kilometre limits in PCG 2018/3 apply when determining whether non-home to work private travel is minor, infrequent and irregular – on a per employee or per vehicle basis? Under the FBT rules, the use of certain eligible vehicles is an exempt benefit where the private use of the vehicles by current employees … Read more

GST Q&A – GST on payments to government bodies

Question Council has been invoiced by a State Government department for a capital works project Council is contributing to. Should GST be included in this invoice? As further detail, in order to pay this contribution, Council received funding through a grant from a different government department which had no GST associated with it. Answer In … Read more

Eligibility – COVID-19 relief measures for NFPs

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated substantial stimulus and assistance packages and measures across all levels of the economy. This article highlights some of the measures that may be of interest to not-for-profit entities and local government entities based on information available as at 31 March 2020. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every facet of … Read more

Eligibility and Payroll – A summary of the Payroll Tax COVID-19 measures

In the wake of the ever-changing COVID-19 crisis, the State and Federal Governments have released a number of stimulus and assistance measures to help ease the burden on entities and households alike. Payroll tax (PRT) has been a key focus of stimulus measures in each of the States and Territories. Whilst welcome, these PRT measures … Read more

FBT Q&A – Temporary staff placement to bushfire affected regions

What are the FBT implications providing accommodation, food and travel in the form of V-Line tickets to staff who are sent to bushfire affected regions to do full time work assisting with bushfire recovery efforts? Question We are sending staff to bushfire affected regions of Gippsland area to do full time work assisting with bushfire … Read more

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Eligibility – COVID-19 – Managing your charity operations

2019 Annual Information Statement To date, the Federal, State and Territory governments have introduced a range of economic measures in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Some of these have been discussed in accompanying articles, COVID-19 relief measures for NFPs and A summary of the Payroll Tax COVID-19 measures. The Australian Charities and Not-for profits Commission … Read more

FBT – Rates and Thresholds for FBT Year 2020-21

The ATO has released some TDs with FBT rates and thresholds for FBT 2020-21. It has also changed its publication practice in relation to others. The ATO has issued tax determinations setting various rates and thresholds for the 2020-21 FBT year. The ATO has indicated that from the 2020-21 FBT year onwards, tax determinations will … Read more

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