FBT and Payroll – Remote area tax concessions and payments

Heads up, there may be some changes to remote area tax concessions and payments. The Productivity Commission has suggested reforms. The Productivity Commission has called for significant reforms to the tax concessions and payments to residents and businesses in remote Australia, so they are better targeted and fairer. The Commission was asked to review three … Read more

GST Q&A – GST on payments in lieu of infrastructure works

Does GST apply to payments that a developer makes to a Council in lieu of the developer being required to complete infrastructure works? Question The Council has entered into an arrangement whereby a developer will pay to Council an agreed amount in lieu of being required to complete infrastructure works. Under the arrangement, Council will … Read more

FBT alert: Ride-sharing travel services

Relief from discrepancy in the FBT treatment of taxi travel and riding-sharing travel services is ‘in hand’. Long-standing readers of the TaxEd newsletter will be familiar with the tortuous history of ride-sharing travel services for tax purposes, especially in relation to FBT. Current treatment of ride-sharing travel services The nature of ride-sharing travel services, particularly … Read more

Payroll – Lifting the age limit for genuine redundancy and early retirement scheme payments

Employers contemplating redundancies or early retirement schemes should be aware of the Government’s action to lift the age limit for genuine redundancy and early retirement scheme payments with effect from 1 July 2019. This will give employers marginally greater scope to package payments which are tax-free for redundant/retiring employees and potentially marginally greater flexibility in … Read more

GST and classifying taxes, fees and charges

Classifying the GST treatment of taxes, fees and charges is an important and ongoing aspect of many government agencies and particularly local councils. The ATO has issued a document on its website that not only provides a good summary of how Division 81 operates but also provides some practical and useful guidance. While recently searching … Read more

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Payroll – Superannuation – exception to ‘opt in’ insurance

Persons in certain dangerous occupations should be aware of the opt-out/opt-in status of insurance through their superfunds. A Bill which provides for insurance to apply only if certain super fund members choose to have insurance through their super fund has been passed with an exception that is likely to especially interest our readers. This article … Read more

Payroll Q&A – PAYGW requirements: Cents per kilometre allowance

Are we required to withhold PAYGW from allowances paid to employees for work related travel and based on the ATO’s recommended cents/km rates? Should the allowances be shown in their payment summaries? Question When employees are required to use their own vehicle for work related travel, we pay them an allowance based on the ATO’s … Read more

Payroll Q&A – What name should be shown on the payment summary – is it possible for a name other than the Public Officer’s to appear?

Can a public officer delegate the function of reviewing Payment Summaries prior to their issue? Question As the Public Officer will be on annual leave and not able to review Payment Summaries prior to issue, is it possible for the Public Officer to delegate the function? Answer Ordinarily the primary person for signing things like … Read more