FBT – Overseas conferences: The apportionment conundrum!

Do you have staff attending conferences away from their usual place of residence? Attendance at overseas and interstate conferences raises a key issue for FBT: the extent to which the taxable value of benefits provided to the employee in connection with attending these conferences can be reduced under the ‘otherwise deductible rule’. This will particularly … Read more

FBT Q&A – What are the FBT implications of benefits and outplacement services provided to former employees?

What are the FBT implications of benefits provided to former employees? This Q&A discusses some possible exemptions for employers that provide benefits or services to an employee as part of their redundancy. Question In January 2019, our organisation paid training course fees of $3,500 to a state government TAFE for a¬†former employee¬†to undertake a Diploma … Read more

Payroll – Why do we need to disclose exemption from FBT under s. 57A on an employee’s payment summary form?

Payment summaries now require an employer to indicate whether they are exempt from FBT under s. 57A of the FBTAA. This is due to changes to eligibility measures for various Federal Government benefits, payments and income tests. Specifically, The Department of Human Services (DHS) has changed how reportable fringe benefits amounts (RFBAs) are used to … Read more