ATO Draft FBT Guideline – December 2017

Private use of motor vehicles can be an FBT nightmare for administration and record-keeping. It is a frequent source of queries received by TaxEd. The FBT concession for ‘minor, infrequent and irregular’ private use of eligible (workhorse) vehicles  can be especially problematical.  This concession, together with the more specific private use concession for ‘work related … Read more

FBT Article – ‘F’ for Festive Season means ‘F’ for FBT!

When it comes to entertainment type expenditures the rules for income tax-exempt employers are different to those faced by for-profit or non-income tax exempt employers. As a result, it is critical that the rules are understood and applied correctly. The key rules concern: the concept of a Tax Exempt Body Entertainment fringe benefit – it … Read more

FBT Q&A ‘ Provision of Uniforms to Council Volunteers

Question We are a council and we have a register of volunteers who assist with various events held in the city at times and are provided training in order to undertake ‘meet and greet’ duties. Currently two of the volunteers undertake ‘meet and greet’ activities at the airport. The airport has asked if they could seek … Read more