Payroll Q&A – Genuine redundancy and re-employment

Question: If a former employee (along with other employees) was made redundant in July 2016 due to an organisational restructure, are they able to return to work for the same employer in the same tax year either as an employee or contractor? Answer: A payment will qualify for concessional tax treatment as a genuine redundancy … Read more

GST ‘ Consultants/Contractors and Reimbursements

It is reasonably common for consultants and contractors providing services to seek reimbursement for costs – such as travel expenses – in addition to the charge for services. However, the GST treatment of such reimbursements depends on the arrangements entered into between the contractor and the Customer, and such arrangements may be shown in different … Read more

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Payroll Q&A ‘ How Will Employers Report Reportable Fringe Benefits Under the Single Touch Payroll (STP) Proposals?

Question: One of the advantages of the Single Touch Payroll (STP) initiative is for employers to do away with the need to issue Annual Payment Summaries to employees given the ATO will have the relevant information by way of what is provided to it under the STP system. What is the position though for Reportable … Read more